Terminal “Transiberiatransit” is a multi-purpose cargo-container customs terminal. It is located in Poti and occupies 2.5 hectares of land. There is a protected warehouse on the territory of the terminal with an area of 1300 square meters, with the ability of 5 wagons loading-unloading simultaneously. The open area of the terminal can accommodate 800 units of TEU, full and empty containers with their further processing, unloading and loading of 11 wagons onto the front rails. The terminal is equipped in full accordance with the instructions of the Georgian customs. Video surveillance and security are provided around the clock. The terminal is equipped with cranes and other necessary equipment.

Terminal services list:

– Warehousing, storage of containers;

– All types of unloading and loading operations (car-wagon, wagon-container, starting wagon, car-warehouse-wagon);

– Loading, securing and packing cargo of open rolling stock;

– Storage of different types of goods both in a closed warehouse and in the open air;

– Power supply for refrigerated containers;

– Other unloading and loading works.