Railway transport is the most affordable and reliable type of cargo transportation. “Transiberiatransit” Ltd has an extensive experience and international reputation in this area.

Our company operates in the field of railway transportation on the territory of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, China and Mongolia. We are successfully working inthe countries of the TRACECA corridor.

Due to its considerable experience, the company carries out international transportation of all types of goods independently and through trusted partners invited for specific transportations.

The list of services related to the carriage of goods by rail:

– Design of optimal logistics routes, calculation of the cost of transportation on alternative routes;

– Payment of the railway tariff of railways involved in the transportation;

-Preparation of a transportation schedule with “Georgian Railway” Ltd;

– Preparation of preliminary contracts with railways involved in the transportation, while planning the transportation of goods;

-Wagons supply for loading;

– Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, preparation of relevant drawings and permits;

– Determination of location of wagons during transportation;

– Preparation of railway waybills;

– Cargo insurance.